Optimize the allocation of your media mix budget.

Marketing Mix Modeling is the only unbiased and holistic solution to measure the contribution of each channel and ensure optimal budget allocation.
Maximize your revenue

Avoid wasting marketing resources with inefficient allocation across your channels. Leverage our AI-models to optimize your budget allocation.
Bring together on & off data

Start analyzing your marketing data with a global approach. More than ever, you need a holistic solution to make the right decisions when it comes to budget allocation.
Surpass privacy policies

Optimize your media mix, regardless of the quality of your user data collection, which is going to decrease dramatically in the next few months (GDPR, Cookies, Consent-mode)

Channel attribution

Question your current media mix
Visualization: Get your current mix media in a simple and user-friendly interface.
Comparison: Compare your mix to your competitors.
Attribution: Get each channel contribution to your revenue, regardless of attribution or conversion data collection.
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What-if scenarios

Turn Reactive into Proactive
Simulation: Optimize your budget within real-world constraints.
Saturation: Estimate the limits of each channel for your growth and build your strategy accordingly.
Estimation: Use simulation tools to test what-if scenarios with your budget allocation. See where, when, and how much to spend to generate higher ROAS from your marketing efforts.
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How it works

Collect and leverage your data, easily.
Why a MMM
Our goal is to deeply transform marketing practices by introducing more data & science into advanced strategic marketing decisions. Our MMM is tailor made to help business of all sizes & reduces human bias to evaluate their media mix.

Our MMM is based on the latest privacy-friendly AI/ML techniques. It means that we don't need to deal with conversion attribution debates nor restriction access of user level data. In one word, it’s future-proof to any changes in the rules, whether from App (iOS14 tracking restrictions) or government legislations. In one word, it's a holistic, macro approach to drive your performances reliably.
Data collection
Effortlessly connect all your online data sources with Nanga in just a few clicks. You can also easily add all your offline contributors like TV, radio, special events, price promotions, etc by uploading CSVs or Excel or Google Sheet files.

And that's it, we take take of the rest.
Model training
Define your business goals (sales, revenue, visits, leads, ...) so we can s start the training ! Our AI/ML-powered Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) automatically finds the best model regressors as well as best hyperparameters to describe your performance.

Indeed, the model is built on a powerful combo of a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm & a Ridge regression. It also leverages time-series decomposition for trend & season from your data to extract the key moments of your business. In short, it combines the best ingredients to outputs the best model customed to your data reducing human biais while creating a responsible & privacy-friendly accurate model.
Compare your current media mix with the model's custom recommendations for your budget allocation. Follow the suggested adjustments, drive your investments efficiently by reducing wasted marketing budget on wrong channels.

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