Your custom-made marketing data stack

Connect, store, analyze all your marketing data in just a few minutes. For free.
Improve ROAS by 20%

Streamline marketing campaigns and maximize returns on ad spending with the efficiency of automated and unified reports as well as recommendations based on AI.
Reduce software cost

We manage every step, from data collection, storage, transformation to visualization, at a fraction of the cost compared to other tools.
Focus on strategy

Save hours on data collection and reporting each week, allowing you to concentrate on high-value tasks and elevate your acquisition strategies to new heights.

Data collection

Reduce reporting time by 80%
Nanga connectors: connect your data sources effortlessly in 5 clicks.
Daily sync: synchronize all your marketing data every day, with no effort.
Privacy: Your data, your access, your control:  encrypted, secure, and instantly accessible. You can delete it anytime you want.
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Report customization

Easily adapt our 100+ templates dashboards to match your specific needs
Pre-built template: access our editable template to have instant insights on your data.
No-code: build your own dashboards in few clicks with our no-code editor. No SQL knowledge needed.
Team: share your interactive dashboards with your team, through Nanga or email. You choose.
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How it works

Collect and leverage your data, easily.
The very first step is to connect your data sources. It's super easy and fast; you just need to click on the platform connectors and follow the process. It usually takes no more than 2 minutes. All your favorite marketing platforms are integrated.

You are just five clicks away from getting your data pulled into a pre-built template.
Once we get connected to the platforms, we take care of reconciling all the data into a single, consistent, and synchronized data source every day.

You can easily redefine the events you want to sum as conversions in your report. Additionally, you can add starting or ending dates to conversion events to ensure consistent data presentation in your reports. This is particularly useful if you encounter tracking issues, such as double counting or missing tags.

Furthermore, you can categorize campaigns to break down or filter the data in your reports. For example, you can add the category 'Awareness' to some campaigns to analyze them separately.

Once this quick setup is done, you can access pre-built templates on the Data Hub. You can customize the dashboards or even create your own.

Additionally, you can easily access exclusive analyses, only available through the API or scripts.

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