Compare your performance to the best

Challenge your digital performances against the most advanced companies in your industry.
Optimize what matters

Quickly identify the KPIs below industry averages, whether it's in terms of ads, bids, or conversion rates. Prioritize your actions and optimize your campaign performances.
Manage with peace

Understand the impact of exogenous elements in the evolution of your performance. Avoid overreacting by identifying market trends.
Bring clarity to your context

Stop guessing, start answering the following question: “is it just my conversion rate that dropped, or everybody’s?”

KPI Comparison

Compare yourself to a selected set of competitors
Industry KPIs: get accurate KPI of players in your industry.
Real time: get fresh data, synchronized every day.
Visualization: compare your KPIs evolution with your competitor’s. Do you beat the market?
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Anticipate shifts to come by getting a reliable forecast on market data.
KPIs forecast: get forecast on the main acquisition KPIs to adapt your strategy.
Peak period: don’t miss any revenue growth opportunity by getting your performance forecast.
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How it works

Compare your performance in few clicks. For free.
Data collection
We gather data from thousands of advertisers through crowdsourcing.
At this step, we anonymize data to safeguard the sensitive information of companies. We only analyse and compute anonymous data.
Categorization & Retreatment
Next, we categorize companies by verticals so that you can compare meaningful KPIs.
Our data scientists verify the relevance of the data used and ensure the removal of inconsistent data.

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